FLI Group are proud to sponsor Pat Lawless in the Golden Globe Race 2022

The FLI Group is proud to sponsor Pat Lawless (http://patlawlessggr.com/) in the Golden Globe Race 2022. Pat will be Irelands only entrant in the challenging circumnavigation yacht race.

While a modern non-stop circumnavigation of the globe takes about 80 days, the retro Golden Globe Race that Pat has entered will take about 9 months to complete.  The race is an unassisted solo, non-stop around the world race via the five Great Capes. It is the longest and loneliest sporting event in the world. Only 556 people have been in space and around 6,000 people have summited Everest, but less than 100 people have ever sailed solo non-stop around the world.

The first Golden Globe Race took place in 1968 and was organised by the Sunday Times. Sir Robin Knox Johnston was the only finisher of the nine entrants in the 1968 race. He made history by becoming the first person to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world.

Today’s retro race is very much the same as the original race. Except for using modern emergency and safety equipment the technology used for the race is limited to what was available in 1968.  This means the competitors will navigate with a compass and sextant using the stars and sun to plot their position on paper charts. No electronic equipment such as GPS, satellite-based navigation or autopilot will be allowed. The competitors carry all their own supplies on board needs to survive for the 9 months at sea including food, tools and materials to repair the boat. Once they have consumed the carry-on water the additional drinking water will have to be harvested from rainwater.  The competitors boats must be between 32ft and 36ft and designed pre 1988.

The Golden Globe Race 2022 depart Les Sables-d’Olonne, France on 4th September 2022. FLI Group are proud to be associated with the race and with Pat Lawless.  We will provide Pat with emergency and safety items necessary race, such as the GGR approved life raft and the GGR approved survival suit.