FLI Carlow - Precast Concrete Solutions

Water Treatment Tanks

FLI Carlow provide Precast Concrete Engineering Solutions for Water Storage and Wastewater Process Tanks, Semi-Modular Precast Attenuation Systems, Drainage, Electrical and Telecommunications Chambers and Bespoke Precast Concrete Solutiuons to clients in Ireland, UK, and mainland Europe.

FLI Carlow became part of the FLI Group of companies in April 2018 following the strategic acquistion of Carlow Precast Concrete Engineering. 

FLI Carlow are at the forefront of large offsite semi-modular preacast concrete technology and have undertaken responsibility for the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of some of the largest infrastructural projects in the UK. 

Our products and designs are engineered to provide solutions to many challenges facing our clients, reducing both programme and cost through building off-site. Our engineering and design teams develop project specific designs to suit the site ground conditions, the required design life, structural performance requirements and project specific constraints.

For a full list of Precast Concrete Solutions available from FLI Carlow, please visit the company website at www.flicarlow.com