Corporate and Social Responsibility

Throughout the FLI group, our core values are about respect for people and our environment. Key stakeholders include our customers, their customers, the general public who may be affected by projects we are executing and our staff. We are acutely conscious that our work is for the betterment of the environment and a more sustainable planet and that more than our customers are affected by our activities.


Where projects that we are executing on behalf of our clients impact on the local community, we, with our clients’ permission, engage with those communities to get feedback and give important information about the impact of our activities. We make use of structured communications and web sites to give key information about key projects or engage directly with our clients’ communications programmes.

We support selected charities in areas related to our work. We support a number of small charities in the area of our headquarters in Waterford. We contribute to WaterAid in the UK. We generally prefer to seek out beneficiaries so that our giving is in areas related to our fields of expertise. Please do not be disappointed if you make a direct approach to us, as you may find that our charitable giving is already allocated.


Everything we do is about improving the environment. It is at the core of what we do. Environmental regulation is an increasing theme in the 21st century. Our activities are in response to increased environmental regulation and the right and compliant response to it. Our clients demand and get a high quality service. Ground, groundwater, drinking water and treated wastewater are all either protected or enhanced by our solutions. The world is a cleaner place because of F.L.I.


Our activities are all about making the world more sustainable. Our Energy division is about providing and operating the infrastructure to create biogas to replace fossil fuels. Our Remediation division makes previously developed and polluted land fit for reuse, thereby saving the greenbelts. Our water division provides the technology and services to allow wastewater to be treated and returned safely to the environment or to deliver healthy potable water to consumers. Our geosynthetics business unit allows landfills to be properly engineered to protect the ground and the ground water and to allow the collection and beneficial reuse of the

Our activities are all focused to make the world more sustainable


We have formal and informal links with a number of third level institutions in Ireland and the UK, some of which in turn have alliances with French third level institutions. We regard the links with universities and institutes as a key part of the role of industry.