Our Strategy

At the core of our values as a company is our respect for the environment and the desire to provide solutions to make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place.

Everything we do is driven by environmental regulation and enforcement of those regulations. Therefore as an organisation we are drawn to those territories and clients which value the environment and respect environmental regulation and enforcement as we do.

The greater part of our turnover is generated in the UK with France and Ireland also being core territories for us. We have a diverse client base but there are some common themes. Many of our clients are private sector organisations, themselves mandated to provide a public service. These might be developers of anaerobic digestions plants (energy), private land or housing developers (remediation), private or public water companies in UK or Ireland (water) or landfill operators or mining companies (geosynthetics). Our clients are often blue chip organisations, which themselves value their own brands and the importance of respecting environmental compliance.

We have a portfolio of activities each with its own set of dynamics and maturities. Our energy and remediation sectors are in fast growth mode, while our water and geosynthetics business units operate in more stable although large markets.

Our divisional structure reflects the range of our activities while our culture and behaviours are reflected through the group and in all the territories we operate in.