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FLI France - Mining Project


Neves-Corvo Mine, Castro Verde, Portugal

FLI France has recently begun work on a new heavy water storage basin on the Somincor owned Zinc and Nickel producing Neves-Corvo Mine in Castro Verde, Portugal.

The 17 000m² basin will be used to store wastewater which is heavily loaded with iron and other minerals. This installation, designed by Alphard (Canada), is our latest mining project and our first using a white LLDPE geomembrane supplied by Solmax. A white geomembrane is used in applications that require enhanced quality assurance measures over standard geomembranes where the geomembrane is exposed to the elements. The white LLDPE geomembrane was chosen as it reflects sunlight, reduces wrinkles and enhances the ability of operational staff to detect mechanical damage during operation.

FLI France and FLI Global have completed many mining waste containment projects globally. Recent projects completed were in Macedonia, Panama, French Guyana, Mongolia and New Caledonia.