FLI has a wide range of customers in the private and public sectors. While each of our divisions has its own key customer base there are common themes throughout the group:

  • Our key private sector customers tend to be blue chip or other good quality private sector companies which themselves are engaged in providing a public service.
  • Our public sector customers are similarly driven by environmental considerations.
  • We have a range of formal and informal framework contracts which demonstrates the high level of satisfaction with our customers.

Our Energy division works for a range of customers in the agri/food sector and in the commercial/industrial sector. Our customers may be individual farms, food and beverage producers, holders of commercial organic waste or developers working on a specific mandate to develop and operate anaerobic digestion facilities. Our Remediation business works primarily for house builders, land developers and any holder of a legacy issue in terms of land requiring remediation .

Our Water division provides engineering services and process technologies to water and wastewater utilities in Ireland and the UK as well as complementary services to other sectors such as the food and beverage industry.

Our end customers for geosynthetics solutions are either generally owners/operators of engineered landfills or owners/operators of mining facilities although we also provide a range of specialist services to any customer seeking engineered containment solutions.

Our Precast Concrete Engineering division designs, manufactures and supplies a range of solutions to the Utilities, House Building and Data Centre markets. We are also increasingly experiencing success in winning specialist one off international projects in the Asian and Australian markets.

Our customers share our passion for a clean and sustainable environment. We are able to work in a collaborative way with our customers to deliver solutions which allow them to achieve that sustainability while also meeting regulatory requirements.