Corporate Identity

FLI is a technical solutions provider operating in the broad environmental services sector internationally with particular expertise in the design & construction of anaerobic digestion & biogas plants, water and wastewater engineering services and process technology, contaminated land remediation design & contracting services and geosynthetic applications in mining and waste containment applications.

Our core values are based on trust, openness and integrity in delivering quality services to all clients in a highly professional manner, by all staff across all disciplines of our business. FLI build relationships with clients by adding value through their creative approach to solving problems and delivering projects on time in a flexible, dependable, supportive and reliable manner. Our customers benefit from the FLI depth of knowledge, our range of experience and attention to detail in terms of working with clients to create solutions. FLI are also focused on creating opportunities for personal and professional growth amongst our staff as the company grows and develops. FLI have built solid platforms for growth both for supporting our growing client base and supporting their staff.

Customers give us really positive feedback across our sectors of operation in terms of our ability to create solutions and make things happen for clients through relationship building, open dialogue and in terms of understanding the varying challenges and objectives facing clients. We are proud of our ability to retain key staff, which is a direct result of an inclusive and respectful approach to building trusting relationships with staff and valuing their contribution to business success while also assisting them in reaching fulfilment of their personal and career objectives.

Change is positive and uncertainty is ever present. Together we recognise that growth will only be achieved by embracing both change and diversity and by adapting the way we operate in a rapidly changing global market. Our objective is to support our customers by being flexible, dependable and reliable while always preserving our core values.