FLI Water Limited was founded in 2012, FLI Water Limited is part of the FLI Group of companies and provides engineering service and process technologies to the water and wastewater, utilities, food and beverage, power, and industrial process industries.

FLI Water is centrally located in the Bedford area of the UK, where our fabrication workshop and engineering design office is located. In November 2007, ABiC Engineering Associates Ltd and Brightwater Engineering Ltd were acquired by FLI International of Waterford Ireland to enhance its capabilities within the municipal water and wastewater treatment industry in Ireland and the United Kingdom. These businesses ultimately became FLI Water. Our main fabrication workshop facility provides us with 9,000 ft² of internal manufacturing area and 17,000 ft² of secure external storage area. In order to support our production capabilities, we have our own in-house machine workshop, which allows us to quickly fabricate, modify and/or repair items of plant and equipment.

Our hire fleet of packaged wastewater treatment plant - HSAF® (Submerged Aerated Filter) is also based at our workshop facility, so we are able to mobilise effectively at short notice. The HSAF is a small footprint, biological packaged wastewater treatment system that is flexible, robust in performance and provides years of low maintenance operation. It can be used in a number of applications such as a solids filter, carbonaceous treatment, nitrification and de-nitrification treatment.

Our design and engineering teams are located just around the corner in a modern 6,000 ft² office, which provides a central location for project management, mechanical, electrical, process, and drawing [2D and 3D] services. In addition, we operate a fleet of fully equipped vehicles with teams of experienced site engineers able to carry out on-site repairs and refurbishment, fabrication and new installation of plant and equipment


FLI CAP Technology

FLI CAP Technology was established in 1990, a company involved in the supply and installation of industrial effluent treatment plants, often on a turnkey basis. We have the resources and ability to progresss projects from initial feasibility studies through to the supply and installtion of full-scale plants.


A wide range of effluent treatment technologues have been developed by FLI CAP Technology. As a company we are not restricted to particular systems, and therefore can openly evaluate the most cost-effective process train for a particular application.

Project Management

FLI CAP Technology undertake a wide range of projects meeting the stringent specifications imposed by the UK and IRL food industries and Water Plc's. They are also able to adapt their technology and processes to upgrade existing facilities. In addition to providing detailed packages and manuals, we also offer full courses of Operator and Management training.


The company follows recognised standards of quality control. Contracts have been undertaken with major blue-chip organisations, both in the UK, Ireland and overseas. Our efficient and accomodating approach to business enables individual requirements to be met, with information being presented on the latest software systems.

Health & Safety

FLI CAP Technology recognises the risks associated with major constrcution projects. We endeavour to be fully compliant with all current health & safety legislation during the course of our work. We retain an IOSH accredited health & safety advisor and are "Safe Contractor" approved.

Overseas Capability

Projects have been successfully completed in mahy overseas locations. These range from food industry projeects in the USA to effluent treatmeent schemes in Europe, Kenya, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia and many more.


FLI Adamelia

FLI Adamelia designs and manufactures equipment for the demineralisation of gelatin liquors during production, by means of Ion Exchange technology and has achieved considerable success in improving the profitability of companies which have adopted our processes. As a specialist dedicated to the gelatin industry, FLI Adamelia has invented new methods for purifying gelatin and identifying the most commercially advantageous techniques to guarantee continuity of quality.