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Bath Western Riverside

Bath Western Riverside is a major mixed use redevelopment in Bath. The proposed scheme comprises the creation of homes, two parks, a primary school, restaurants, other commercial uses and health and cultural facilities.

The current site area comprised the former Stothert and Pitt Crane Factory and required re-profiling and re-engineering prior to the construction of retaining walls, foundations, infrastructure (drainage and roads) and substructures to allow multi-storey mixed use buildings to be constructed in a number of phases across the site. Following completion of the build, extensive external finishing works were required.

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VertaseFLI has undertaken the role as main contractor on site to complete various works across three phases of the development comprising multi-storey residential blocks, a mixed use commercial / residential block and three storey townhouses and apartments. The key elements completed on site comprised:

  • Processing site won materials;
  • Re-engineering of processed materials behind retaining structure;
  • Installation of deep drainage runs;
  • Piling matt placement;
  • Piling and substructure works;
  • Construction of 100m retaining structure;
  • External finishing works (paving, stairs, concrete slabs);
  • Installations of service ductwork;
  • Road construction;
  • Environmental monitoring / management;

Throughout the works VertaseFLI worked in accordance with the Materials Management Plan for the site.



  • Provision of health and safety documents
  • Drainage installation
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Substructure installation
  • External finishing works

Environmental management of works