FLI has grown both organically and by targeted acquisition in growth sectors since its incorporation in February 1989. Its origins lie in the geosynthetics business providing engineered landfill lining solutions in Ireland, UK, throughout Europe and indeed the rest of the world. With this business activity FLI grew and was able to make the investments that have transformed the company to where it is today. In the last 15 years we have acquired a complementary lining business in France, a soil remediation company in the UK and a water/wastewater process engineering company.

Throughout this period, Michael Flynn has been at the helm and has overseen the continuing growth and professionalisation of a company with an entrepreneurial and customer focused spirit. We continue to grow organically and through targeted acquisition in our key sectors not only in the UK and Ireland but also in France, China and other selected locations around the world. In the last 18 months we have made several strategic acquisitions in both the UK and Ireland. We have added a Semi-modular precast concrete engineering business in Ireland, a specialist groundwater remediation business in the UK, an Industrial effluent business in the UK and a gelatine demineralisation and purification business in the UK.

The addition of these businesses will enable will allow synergies to form amongst companies within the group and ultimately enable us to offer our clients a far broader portfolio of technologies and services.

Date Milestone
1987 Business founded by Michael Flynn
1989 FLI International Ltd incorporated
1990 UK market entry
2000 France market entry
2003 Acquisition of Solmax lining business in France and integration with FLI France branch business
2005 Acquisition of Vertase Ltd – land remediation business in UK
2007 Acquisition of Brightwater and ABiC water businesses in UK
2008 3NRG established
2011 FLI Energy breakthrough year