The FLI group’s activities are organised in four divisions namely Energy, Remediation, Water and Geosynthetics. Each division is able to operate independently but equally each benefits from being part of a larger group with a set of common goals and culture.

Our Energy Division designs and builds anaerobic digestion (AD) plants processing agricultural and industrial organic feedstocks to produce biogas and generate renewable energy. We also provide a range of complementary services. FLI Energy is the group company with responsibility for this field of activity.

Our Remediation activities are led by VertaseFLI. VertaseFLI is a leading contaminated land, brownfield and environmental contracting specialist encompassing remediation, demolition, earthworks and groundworks. From our four offices across the UK and with over 10 years of practical and technical experience, we provide design and construct remediation services to customers who are developing land or have responsibility for legacy issues.

Our Water Division is led by FLI Water. FLI Water Limited provides engineering services & process technologies to the water & waste water utilities, food & beverage, and industrial process customers in the UK and Ireland. Our combined offering includes metalwork fabrication, mechanical & electrical installation, submerged aerated filters (SAF), solids filtration, biological aerated flooded filters (BAFF), high efficiency aeration, ultraviolet disinfection and hydroturbine generation.

The origins of the FLI Group lie in the design, supply and installation of Geosynthetic solutions for the landfill and mining sectors throughout the world. Today our focus is on the landfill sector in France, UK and Ireland and on providing selected services for the worldwide mining sector.

FLI France delivers a high quality landfill engineering and containment solutions service in France and the rest of the world (outside UK and Ireland) for the mining industry. VertaseFLI, our UK based remediation subsidiary offers similar services focused on the UK and Irish markets.