FLI Carlow are at the forefront of large offsite fabrication technology and have undertaken responsibility for the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of some of the largest infrastructural projects in the UK.

FLI Carlow design to national and international water industry standards and our semi-precast modular designs make us the industry leader in off-site concrete engineering and manufacture.
By early involvement and integrating with our clients design teams we can accelerate and improve design optimisation and reduce cost. The value is in the solution, and off site manufacturing and fabrication leads to higher efficiencies and lower risks and costs.

Framework agreements enable us to add more value through collaboration, innovation, economies of scale, supply chain partnering and cost management.

Our products and designs are engineered to provide solutions to many challenges facing our clients: water retention, water storage, water conveyancing, water management, water treatment, fire-resistance criteria, chemical resistance parameters, infrastructural products, retaining walls, coastal erosion, decorative walls, to name a few.

FLI Carlow is a solutions provider using innovative off-site concrete engineering and our industry leading semi-precast modular designs